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When it comes to feeding a dog it is not usual to think about introducing apples, pears, oranges or other fruits in its diet. However, some fruits are good for this pet, because they provide fiber and antioxidants.

The benefits that some fruits have for dogs have been studied by canine nutritionists. Processed dog foods and feeds contain the proper balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals that the animal needs, however, these packaged foods lack antioxidants and other vitamins and substances that natural foods such as fruit do contain. These substances present in fruit are important to ensure the long-term health of dogs. They prevent diseases such as cancer or heart disease.

Introducing fruit in the dog’s diet from the time it is a puppy is one of the keys to the animal’s acceptance of this food. When this happens, it is common for the dog to enjoy them and eat them on their own, without having to mix them with other foods.

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Pomeranians are easily recognizable by their plush, fluffy double coat and foxy face with alert, pointed ears. The body shape is quite square and the fluffy tail curls up and over its back. A thick ruff of fur around the neck completes the appearance of a dog that can withstand the snows of northern Germany. The head is rather rounded in shape with a distinctive muzzle.

Pomeranians have a wide variety of colors. Usually bright red is the color most associated with the breed, but any color from black to white to sandy shades is acceptable, including chocolate.

They are active dogs that need daily exercise, even if it is just a walk around the block. They are very intelligent and tend to do well in obedience competitions despite their independent streak. As they age, they are more prone to become real lap dogs.

Pomeranians are usually easy dogs to live with, although some are very picky eaters. They are not prone to obesity, probably due to their active nature. Their double coat requires regular grooming at least once or twice a week, with daily sessions in the shedding season.

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This delicate little dog stands out for its character and its friendliness. It looks like a miniature fox. It has a top coat of long, hard fur and a very dense undercoat, which gives it the appearance of a little ball of fluffy stuffed animal. Pomeranians can come in a variety of colors (see breed standard for more information). Adults measure between 18 and 30 cm, depending on type and build. The ideal weight for adult males is 1.8 to 2 kg and for females, 2 to 2.5 kg.

The Pomeranian requires little effort in terms of daily exercise and short walks or a run in the garden will suffice. However, it can travel considerable distances without tiring.

It is incredibly rewarding to adopt a dog from an animal shelter. It often means giving them a second chance at life. There are many dogs waiting for a family, but what can you expect from the process?

When considering fostering a dog, the first thing to seriously consider is whether you have the time and inclination to do so. Incorporating a dog into your routine, especially if it is a puppy, implies a significant level of dedication and effort, which can greatly change your lifestyle.

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Before starting to train your furry friend, you will need to be introduced to dog training in order to know its guidelines, methods and basic fundamentals. In addition, to facilitate the learning of your best friend and to optimize your time, we recommend you to know the «5 training tricks that every owner should know».After introducing you to the context of dog training, it will be essential to assemble your own training kit with the following items:In theory, the clicker is not an indispensable item in dog training. However, its correct use greatly facilitates the trainer’s work and, in your case, it will be a great ally during the training sessions with your dog. If you want to learn how to use it correctly, we invite you to read our article «Clicker for dogs – everything you should know about it».

To help you train a Pomeranian puppy, we show you in which stages should be divided its education from 3 to 12 months of age, when it can be considered as an adult dog.

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