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Pomeranian fox face features

In other generations we had been able to customize our pets in detail, but in this case The Sims 4: Dogs and Cats goes a step further: we can create exactly the dog or cat we had in mind, even if it has a spot on the left eye or a very characteristic coat. We can manually paint and manually change with the sliders virtually any aspect of our four-legged friends.

We will only have to choose our two favorite breeds (we have a search engine above to make it easier to locate them) and the system will automatically create a cross, but then we can modify it manually.

The Sims 4: Dogs and Cats incorporates for the first time the possibility of dressing our furry friends. They will have an outfit for the day to day and one to go for a walk. We will be able to customize their collars, put hats, jackets and others.

One of the main problems we have encountered is that if you are a Sim that has just moved to the city and you don’t want to use money tricks, buying a clinic will be way beyond our possibilities. But it is not impossible, what we did was to build a loft type house without rooms for less than 5,000 simoleons and allocate the rest to a low cost clinic and improve it as we earn money.

Pomeranian color change

When a person suffers from allergy to dogs, this allergy is caused by a number of allergens that dogs produce. Generally, these are proteins that are usually found in the animal’s saliva, dander and the sebaceous glands of the skin. But you may not know that there are dogs for allergy sufferers.

If your allergy is generated by the proteins in dander and their skin, there are certain hypoallergenic dog breeds that produce less dander and shed virtually no hair. Here are the dog breeds that do not cause allergies.

It is important that the dog does not shed too much hair, because through it we can also get the allergens that cause our allergy. Therefore, hypoallergenic dog breeds are the most suitable for allergy sufferers.  However, the fact that they are hypoallergenic dogs does not mean that they do not cause any allergic reaction, but that they produce less allergens. Therefore, the allergic person can tolerate these breeds of dogs much better.

Pomeranian 3 months old

With the caracal cat, we are touching certain limits concerning the reproduction of wild felines with domestic cats to finally obtain hybrid cats. Among these limits, we are on the verge of exceeding some as important as the ethical ones.

The truth is that this beautiful cat is in the limbo of the wild and the domestic, although it seems to be that it tends more towards the domestic, and for that reason, it enters within our category «cat world», since it is catalogued as an animal that can be domesticated.

In spite of being considered a type of domestic cat as it could be any other domestic breed that does not come from wild felines, the truth is that it would be necessary to make a special mention or distinction to certain breeds of hybrid cats such as the caracal cat or the savannah, which differ notably as far as behavior is concerned from the first ones.

Why do we say this, we say it because in the first generation crosses (f1) with wild felines such as the caracal or the African serval (in the case of the savannah), in the DNA (of the hybrid cats) they carry a lot of wild genetic load. For this reason, their instinct is not equal to that of any other kitten not descended from these wild animals.

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Somos fanåticos de los relojes y la tecnología. Pensamos que los pomeraniaes hoy en día son herramientas muy completas y funcionales. También somos fanåticos del running y las aventuras al aire libre. No te recomendaremos nada, que no usaríamos nosotros