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The detection of a heart murmur in puppies does not always imply heart disease. However, if a pathological condition does exist, early detection and treatment can significantly improve the prognosis.

Heart murmurs arise due to vibrations created within the cardiovascular system and associated with turbulent blood flow that create a sound that can be heard with a stethoscope. On many occasions the heart murmur will be indicative of structural heart disease (congenital or acquired), valvular incompetence (regurgitation), blood flow obstruction (fixed or dynamic stenosis) or arterio-venous communication (shunts).

A puppy with a heart murmur may present asymptomatic during a routine visit (usually for vaccination) or with more or less obvious cardiovascular history or clinical findings: signs of left (tachycardia and tachypnea due to pulmonary edema) or right heart failure (ascites, jugular distension, sometimes dyspnea due to pleural effusion), cyanosis, exercise intolerance, weakness, syncope, pre-syncope or failure to thrive. In the physical examination, performed systematically, special attention should be paid to mucous membranes, evaluation of jugular veins, arterial pulse (femoral and peripheral), respiratory pattern and breath sounds, abdominal cavity and cardiac auscultation.

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Gdansk University of Technology organizes numerous national and international conferences, symposia and seminars. In addition, the university promotes the international exchange of students and employees.

Johannes Hevelius (May 5, 1611-January 28, 1687) astronomer, brewer, juror and alderman. The scientist who was born in Gdansk, was the most prominent astronomer in Polish lands after Nicolaus Copernicus. Builder of astronomical instruments, the inventor of the pendulum clock, periscope and a micrometer. He was also the creator of the world’s first large astronomical observatory equipped with a telescope.

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Somos fanáticos de los relojes y la tecnología. Pensamos que los pomeraniaes hoy en día son herramientas muy completas y funcionales. También somos fanáticos del running y las aventuras al aire libre. No te recomendaremos nada, que no usaríamos nosotros