Pomeranian Spitz - a popular and enthusiastic dog

The Pomeranian Dwarf Spitz is known as one of the smallest and most popular dogs in the world. It is a dog breed of the Spitz family. Its small size and protective and intelligent attitude make it a much loved and sought after pet by many people. Its name is due to the region of Central Pomerania, currently in Poland. This is the place where he achieved fame aspet and working dog.

These toy dogs, called German Dwarf Pomeranian Spitz, are also known as Pomerania, Pomeranian, Pomeranian, Pomeranian lulu or Pome, whose common characteristics are having two layers of hair to protect them from the severity of time and a raised tail, curved and resting on the back. They also have tiny, sharp ears that help reduce heat loss and also minimize the risk of frostbite. In this article you will learn more about this type of bear-faced canine.

Physical characteristics of the Pomeranian Spitz

Pomerania Spitz

  • Weight: Between 3 and 5 kg.
  • Measures: Between 17 and 25 cm.
  • Have ears small and pointed, always inclined and with a lot of separation.
  • Possess eyes tiny and dark in color. These have a slightly elongated shape.
  • His cola It is curved towards the back and of medium length.
  • is a dog with neck long, wide and prominent. This one is covered with quite a lot of hair, making it look like a small mane.
  • His fur it is soft and abundant. It is distributed in two layers. The first is short and woolly, which protects them from the severity of the weather. The second is made up of long, smooth fur that falls off the body; the head also has but reduced.
  • The Pomeranian Spitz can be obtained in colors ocher, gray, white, black, brown, orange, beige, cream and others. It was learned that there are at least 19 combinations creating attractive and striking shades. The same number of markings or spots.

What is the personality of the Pomeranian Spitz?

Pomerania Spitz blanco

  • Es happy, intelligent, faithful and curious.
  • Usually enthusiastic with its owner.
  • Es suspicious with strangers, he may become nervous and even bark obsessively to show the presence of a stranger. This attitude -sometimes- could also be to protect its owner from any irregular situation that the canine considers.
  • Strangers can relate to them in a pleasant way, after a couple of hours of meeting them and showing them affection. They adapt easily. Applies to people and animals.
  • not an aggressive dog. However, it is not recommended to have them in a house where there are children because a treatment that harms or harms them, even if it is involuntary, can cause an attack reaction in these canines.
  • It is possessive. He likes to have the attention of his owners. Even if there are children, it could enter into competition to earn more time and affection.
  • A well educated and/or trained Pomeranian Spitz can live in harmony with children and adults.
  • They love walks.
  • These mini Pomeranians fit into small spaces.

Where to buy and what is the price of the Pomeranian Spitz?

Pomeranian Spitz dog toy canine

The Pomeranian Spitz can be found in countries such as the United States, Spain, Argentina, Bermuda, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico , Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The sites intended for their purchase or sale are the area farms, advertising places and other establishments dedicated to animal marketing. Its price can vary due to its physical aspects, types of Pomeranian (Toy, Boo, Lulu or others), age or care; this ranges between € 300 and € 3000 or about $ 600–1100.

We know that there are many people who prefer to get them in adoption. For them there are also protective foundations. You just have to locate one and follow the rigorous procedures.

In any of the cases, we suggest being alert with the scams. Because they are so sought after pets, there could be unscrupulous people who create false negotiation campaigns. We recommend verifying the reputation of the establishments or people so that you avoid having a bad time and losing your money.

How to know if it is a pure Pomeranian Spitz?

Pomerania Spitz perro toy mini

If you see that the canine meets all the physical characteristics, in the place where you go to acquire them they tell you that they are pure and even so you have doubts about their originality. It is best that you ask for the pedigree in which the race is assured. Another way to verify it is to hire the services of a veterinarian to make the necessary evaluations and can give you security of the Genetic information of the animal. We hope we have been able to help you with all the information in this article.

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